Weight Loss Management

We're all aware of lifestyle issues that can play a major role in weight gain. Maybe you are eating too often at your favorite fast-food establishment or sneaking a candy bar before bed at night. What you don't know is how a medical condition could be impacting your ability to lose weight. Medical weight loss today is much more than just prescribing diet pills or performing bariatric surgery. At PrimeMed, our doctors take the time to treat the whole body. In doing so, they can use wellness screenings, lab tests and bits-n-pieces of information from your medical history to identify possible medications, hereditary issues or hormonal changes that could be limiting your success. Don't be frustrated by your failed attempts, call today and lose weight safely with a medical weight loss program designed for you.


Supervised Weight Management Program


Frequently, losing weight and failing to keep the weight off can become a vicious circle. Our doctors and medical staff are dedicated to helping you understand the challenges of weight management. Unfortunately, there is no miracle diet that is going to allow you to shed unwanted pounds and maintain your new weight without effort. However, many of our patients are surprised at how easy a weight management plan can be when coupled with a supervised medical weight loss program. In recent years, obesity has been classified as an illness, and rightfully so. During your medically supervised weight management program, our doctors will discuss the numerous physical, environmental, social and genetic factors that might pose a threat to your ongoing weight management.


NOTE: Let your doctor know of all medications or supplements that you are currently taking. Some drugs and certain medications for psychiatric conditions or seizure disorders can contribute to weight gain and interfere with your ongoing weight management. These drugs can slow the rate at which the body burns calories, stimulate appetite, or cause the body to retain extra water.

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