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We Specialize in Treating You 

At PrimeMED in Orange Park and St. Augustine, we specialize in YOU. For more than 35 years, our Board Certified Family Physicians and Certified Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners have provided excellent medical care for your family's physical, mental and emotional health -- to include routine checkups, immunizations, wellness screenings, sports physicals, health risk assessments, physical rehabilitation and many outpatient procedures. A family doctor has a true advantage in knowing your family's medical history which naturally leads to a better understanding of how hereditary issues affect your family's health through the various stages of each individual's life. From pediatric to geriatric, our primary care physicians can make valuable suggestions on how lifestyle choices can support the good health of your entire family. When necessary, we will refer you to an appropriate medical specialist for further review, treatment, or surgery.

Auto Accident Injury Care in Orange Park & St. Augustine

For a complete recovery from auto accident injuries and the physical damage of an illness or other accidents, you have access to our well-equipped physical therapy centers in Orange Park and St. Augustine. Your doctor can communicate directly with in-house therapists to manage the rehabilitation for a broad spectrum of physical problems. As you age and become more sedentary, your musculoskeletal system naturally tightens which can cause limited flexibility, physical pain and restricted range of motion. This often fuels a vicious cycle to occur during the treatment of low back pain, joint pain or neck pain. In such cases, your doctor may choose to prescribe neuromuscular therapy to stimulate circulation, improve flexibility and restore your range of motion. Manipulation and manual therapy techniques have been proven to benefit sufferers of chronic pain and physical dysfunction.

Physical Therapy in Jacksonville

Our doctors of physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) help Jacksonville patients function optimally in lieu of the limitations created by a chronic disease or permanent injury. By utilizing a highly-effective team approach, the staff at PrimeMED works with the whole patient rather than focusing on a single symptom or condition. We apply a multidisciplinary approach to provide the encouragement you need throughout your entire rehabilitative process. If your life has been limited by physical impairments or disabilities, let us help you establish and attain realistic goals for achieving the best quality of life. This can include the use of medications, physical therapy, chronic pain management, assistive devices, prosthesis, experiential training and other interventional procedures as indicated. Call us today or stop by the PrimeMED location nearest you to get on an immediate path for recovery.


Would you like to have the ability to communicate via e-mail with your family medical practice from the comfort of your home? Sign up for the PrimeMED Patient Portal today and we'll activate your login I.D. for limited access to our electronic records system. Once you're logged in, you can access copies of your lab work or test results, communicate with our medical staff or request refills for routine prescriptions. Call today and let the friendly staff at PrimeMED in Jacksonville take care of your family's medical needs.