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No one ever expects to be in an accident but the truth is accidents occur every day. Unfortunately, accidental injuries can have a very negative impact on the body's soft tissue, muscles and joints. Generally speaking, patients who are suffering with auto accident injuries, musculoskeletal disorders, chronic diseases, neurological conditions, joint or muscle pain, sports injuries, and back or neck problems can typically benefit from a supervised physical therapy program. At PrimeMed, our physical therapists use a variety of interventions, such as stretching, exercise, manipulation and manual therapy techniques, to help improve your flexibility and range of motion. Without intervention, soft tissue damage can cause a vicious cycle of reoccurring pain and stiffness. Your doctor may also prescribe physical therapy for long-term health problems or to help with your recovery following certain surgical procedures.


Physical therapists provide strength and flexibility training to help patients recover from illness, chronic disease or injury by correcting and improving their strength, endurance, balance, coordination and/or range of motion. If you have had soft tissue injuries in the past that were not properly treated, the buildup of scar tissue, degenerative disease or stretched ligaments can cause you a lifetime of pain and suffering. Your physical therapist will conduct a thorough examinations to identify and treat areas of pain and swelling before outlining a plan that may include manual therapy, patient education, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, hydrotherapy and an exercise program. Once the desired level of strength, flexibility and range of motion has been restored, the therapist will likely teach you a routine that you can continue to do at home.


NOTE: Physical therapists at PrimeMed also specialize in working with the elderly and younger patients, as well as individuals suffering with multiple sclerosis, hip fractures, spinal cord injuries, rheumatoid arthritis or specific neurological conditions.

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