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To have an IUD inserted, you need to visit a healthcare provider like Neurotech Medical. Your doctor will ask about your medical history, lifestyle and choice to use an IUD. Since there are many methods of birth control available today, the doctor will discuss the pros and cons of your options before electing to perform an IUD insertion. If you do have any type of infection that might impact the results, your physician may prescribe an antibiotic or other interim treatment. Generally speaking, you can have an IUD insertion at any time as long as you are not pregnant. The actual procedure only takes a few minutes and can be performed at our office without an appointment.


An intrauterine device is a small, T-shaped object that contains hormones or may be wrapped in copper. Typically, the IUD works very well for women who have already had a vaginal birth as there are less complaints of pain or cramping. Your doctor will insert the IUD into your uterus with a plastic string that hangs down through the cervix. You will check the string periodically to determine that the device is still in place; or the string may be used by your doctor to remove the IUD at the appropriate time. If you cannot feel the string, it does not necessarily mean that the device has been expelled or dislodged. However, you should use some other form of birth control until you can revisit the doctor for a more thorough examination.


If you are in a high risk group for a sexually transmitted disease (STD), your doctor will likely recommend that you be tested prior to an IUD insertion. Should an infection be present, it does not rule out an intrauterine device. Most likely, your doctor will prescribe the appropriate medication and you will have to use another form of contraception until the problem is corrected. Most women only feel a mild discomfort during the procedure but some may experience cramping during an IUD insertion. Based on the results of your preliminary examination, your doctor may provide a mild pain medication or inject a local anesthetic in your cervix to reduce your discomfort.


NOTE: Your doctor may suggest a follow-up visit a few weeks following an IUD insertion to ensure the device is in the correct position. Call PrimeMed today to find out if an IUD will work for you.

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