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Although it is easy to come up with reasons to delay your visit to the gynecologist, it is important for you to be a self-advocate for your health. Plus, with the high costs of corrective medical care, routine preventative healthcare exams provided by a qualified Jacksonville gynecologists can actually save you money. If you're uneasy about seeing a doctor that you have previously used, then it may be time to visit PrimeMed. Our multi-service practice specializes in whole body health and we will gladly sit down and address all your concerns prior to your gynecological examination. Annual visits will give our doctors an opportunity to check your overall health, complete a breast exam, update your medical history and perform a pelvic examination.


A Pap test (often called a Pap smear) with a routine pelvic exam is an important part of women's healthcare during most of their life. The recommended test schedule is based on risk factors and age but it is generally believed that a Pap test should be performed every 1 to 3 years. The purpose for the smear and other gynecologic testing is identify any abnormalities or pre-cancerous conditions. Like other forms of the disease, cancer of the cervix is more likely to be successfully treated when the disease is detected early. The Pap test can also be used to diagnose and treat non-cancerous problems, such as inflammation or infections.

Annual Well-Woman Visit

Some women have a misconception that they do not need see a gynecologist for a yearly exam or Pap test based on their age. The truth is, it can be equally important to consider an annual examination even if you are past child-bearing years or are no longer engaged in sexual intercourse. Conversely, it can be just as important to schedule your first gynecological exam before you become sexually active or turn 18 years of age. So, whether this is your first exam or just one of many, take full advantage of your visit to our Jacksonville gynecologist and have your questions answered.


NOTE: Now is the ideal time to talk your doctor about any women's issue or health concerns that may have been bothering you. Call PrimeMed to see a doctor today.

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