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Cholesterol Screening/Treatment In Jacksonville


A cholesterol screening is highly recommended test for all adults to have in conjunction with his or her routine physical examination. Cholesterol testing is different from most screenings in that it is not used to diagnose or monitor the presence of a disease but to estimate the patient's risk of developing heart disease. Since high cholesterol levels have been associated with heart diseases, such as heart attacks or hardening of the arteries, cholesterol testing is a valuable tool and is usually ordered in combination with other tests to build a lipid profile.


In the past, only children with a family history of high cholesterol and heart disease were screened. However, new evidence supports cholesterol screening in children and teenagers who are obese or have indicators of type 2 diabetes. In most cases, younger patients can control their cholesterol levels by sticking to a healthy diet, engaging in activities with moderate exercise and/or making lifestyle changes such as to stop smoking cigarettes. Your family doctor can also establish some target cholesterol levels for your child or teenager as well as recommend a cholesterol treatment and schedule a follow-up visit.

High Cholesterol Testing Jacksonville

If your doctor has prescribed a high cholesterol treatment, screenings may be done more frequently to track the results of any treatments or used to monitor the success of changes to your diet. Cholesterol screenings should not be measured when you are recovering from the stress of surgery, injury or an acute illness. You should wait a few weeks before scheduling a cholesterol test as those situations can have a major impact on the results of the screening. Typically, cholesterol measurements are also high in women who are pregnant.


NOTE: Once your doctor has accurately identified a cholesterol problem, they will likely recommend lifestyle changes and prescribe a lipid-lowering medication to help you attain your target levels. Call PrimeMED today for your cholesterol screening.


Stay on Top of Your Cholesterol