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Searching for information on healthcare checkups in Jacksonville? No matter your age, sex or general health condition, routine checkups allow your doctor or medical clinic to evaluate any changes from one year to the next. At PrimeMed, an examination by a family physician can help to prevent minor health issues from becoming a serious medical condition. Depending upon your age, an annual checkup for a male will normally include a testicular, hernia and prostate exam with a prostate specific antigen (PSA) blood test to screen for prostate cancer. Depending upon your age and medical history, a female checkup in Jacksonville will typically include a breast exam, pelvic check and Pap smear to check for cervical cancer. Your doctor may also recommend that you have a mammogram for early detection to reduce your risks of breast cancer.


Routine Wellness Exams to Monitor Your Health


Wellness exams are a more recent version of the traditional annual checkup. In fact, routine wellness exams are a great way to stay on top of health issues and avoid the unexpected. You get to meet with your doctor when you're healthy rather than when you're already sick to plan your overall wellness program. Upon your initial visit, our medical staff will take routine measures, blood pressure screenings and may order other routine testing based on your overall health condition. By scheduling periodic visits, your doctor can test for common problems, such as high cholesterol or elevated blood sugar levels, to develop a proactive health care plan before any problem becomes more serious.


During your initial wellness visit, your physician will create a "wellness plan and schedule" designed to keep you healthy year round. This prevention plan will act a guide for ensuring routine vaccinations and other preventative measures are performed in a timely manner. As part of any wellness exam, your family doctor may request a variety of blood test based on your age, gender, chronic health conditions and family medical history. These test can include a fasting blood glucose screening, thyroid testing, lipid testing or blood tests for common types of cancer. In addition, some lab work is prescribed at particular milestones to help your medical team better manage your general health status.

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