'Tis the Season to Be Safe

December 16,2016

Once again, the Holidays are here. Unfortunately, it is a time of the year when almost everyone is distracted by shiny objects, shopping marathons and twinkling lights. In order to avoid some of the more obvious seasonal injuries take a moment to be certain the holidays remain safe for you and your family.


The Holiday Tree - If you've selected a natural tree, keep it watered and make sure ornaments are out of the reach of small children. Since lights can cause fires, follow the directions on the box and limit the number of strands plugged into each extension cord. Moreover, never leave a burning candle or open flame unattended.


Winter Weather - Regardless of where you live, there are seasonal hazards when you venture outside. An increase in traffic, frozen roadways, pea-soup fog and intoxicated drivers are just a few of perils common to the holidays. It's always a good idea to allow a little extra time for travel and be patient with other drivers.


Overindulgence - The holidays wouldn't be the holidays without a little overindulgence. But too much can result in an unwanted trip to the emergency room. That said, having a second helping of cornbread dressing isn't as serious as drinking too much eggnog or other alcoholic beverages.


Stomach Problems - In addition to abdominal discomfort from overeating, emergency rooms see an increase in the number of cases of food poisoning from food that wasn't properly prepared or stored. Don't take short cuts in food prep or storing leftovers during the holidays.


Seasonal Depression - The holidays can be a particularly difficult for some people. Although everyone deals with some increase in stress during this time of year, individuals who are alone or dealing with sadness are more vulnerable. The best medicine is to stay busy by going to a movie or participating in community functions throughout the holidays.


From everyone at PrimeMed, we wish you a happy and emergency free holiday season.