Prime Med: A Healthy Alternative to Hospital Care

January 14,2016

Hospitals provide important medical services to the communities they serve. When a medical condition warrants that level of care, admittance to the facility or outpatient care through the hospital's emergency room can be crucial. However, many hospital emergency rooms have become over-crowded with non-life threatening illnesses and injuries. In addition to the long waits and expensive charges, there are other reasons to consider your alternatives.

In medicine, the term "nosocomial infections" is used to describe illnesses and disease that are acquired in the hospital. This means that people go to the hospital because they have pain in their back, but run the risk of going home with something like MSRA — methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus. That is a long phrase that means a staph infections that live in the hospital and are resistant to antibiotic treatment.

New Options for Professional Health Care

If you have been in a car accident, do you need to go to the hospital? For most people, the answer to that question is no. If you were injured, you should be examined by a medical professional, but unless your injuries are life-threatening you probably do not need to go to the emergency room.

There is an alternative option that is safer and more affordable. Prime Med offers a multidisciplinary approach as an outpatient treatment center without exposure to all of the coughing, hacking, sick people. It provides a convenient medical center where you can come and meet with a board-certified doctor, physician assistant, and physical therapists to receive the top level of professional care.

Multidisciplinary Services and Treatments

The emergency room is where you go when you have appendicitis. Prime Med is where you go when you need a wellness exam, diabetes screening, school physicals, vaccinations or flu shot, as well as following an automobile accident for a thorough examination and treatment.

The care selection at Prime Med is more routine medical care, which is why it is a better alternative to a hospital for treating less serious conditions. There are fewer people that are sick, so you end up with less risk of exposure to viral and bacterial germs. Unfortunately, hospitals represent a concentrated epicenter for medical grade pathogens — the things that can make you sick.

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