It's Winter. Do You Have A Bug?

November 27,2015

Along with the cold air of winter, comes the flu and cold season. In Florida, the temperatures are normally moderate all year round, but that doesn't stop various types of bugs from becoming more prevalent as the seasons begin to change. The fact is, not every symptom is an indicator that a cold or flu virus is attacking. Many symptoms can be indicators of nothing more than your body's reaction to an irritant or an extreme change in the weather.

Sore throats and sniffles are common signs of the cold and flu. When the flu hits, however, it will often send you off your feet and back to bed to properly deal with the fever, chills and painful joints. A minor sore throat can indicate exposure to drier air or exposure to common irritants in the home. When you begin to close your windows, dust and airborne debris can lead to the sniffles. If either symptom is accompanied by a fever, body aches and other signs of the flu or cold, a visit to the doctor may be in order.

Body aches can be a sign of many things, including the dreaded flu bug. If your joints and muscles ache but you are experiencing no other cold or flu symptoms, odds are you over worked yourself or your body is not liking the changes that have been occurring in the weather department. The body will react in various ways to changes in both the environment and our health. If there are any doubts as to whether or not you may be coming down with a severe illness, call your doctor and make an appointment.