Injured in a Car Accident? Seek a Multidisciplinary Healthcare Approach.

November 27,2015

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that 2.3 million people suffered injuries in auto accidents in 2014. The Centers for Disease Control found that in 2013 the health costs associated with these crashes was over $99 billion. Traffic related accidents aren’t the only causes of auto-related injuries. Some, like injuries caused by loose objects, can be just as serious. Whatever the injury, recovery may be a long process, seeing several different medical professionals in an effort to receive comprehensive care.

Common Auto Accident injuries

Forbes listed some of the most common injuries related to auto accidents. These injuries include falling from a moving vehicle, burns while repairing a car, flying objects and being injured by a closing door. Among injuries arising from a traffic accident, neck and spine injuries are most common, followed by injuries to the knees and the extremities.

The severity of these injuries may not be readily apparent to the victims. When on the scene, emergency personnel will ask victims if they are in need of medical attention. Many refuse the offer, only to awaken the next morning with extreme pain in their back. Unless the severity of the accident is minor, it is important for accident victims to allow a medical professional to examine them. Emergency room personnel are especially trained to find injuries hidden from plain sight.

Comprehensive Medical Care

After the diagnosis, the real treatment begins. Depending on the severity of the injury, you may be in the hospital immobile for months, or you may be released after observation. Fractures will require several months of treatment and immobility, followed by a long process of rehabilitation from the injury. The medical team hopes to make you whole, return you to normal physical function as quickly as possible so that you can get back to being a productive citizen.

The medical professionals at PrimeMed favor a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to recovery from injury. The primary care physician works with the physical therapy team and employs pain management experts to make the process as effective and painless as possible.