Why You Should Eat a Healthy Balance of Carbs, Protein and Fat

August 14,2018

Your body burns fuel from foods rich in carbohydrate, protein and fat to produce the energy to grow and repair tissue after physical activities. Since all energy comes from these important macronutrients, managing the daily balance of consumption is a perfect way to put yourself in a safe "calorie deficit" that will not leave you feeling hungry like other diets do. If you ever tried counting calories, you know how restrictive the diet feels and how quickly the sense of deprivation sets in. On the other hand, aiming to eat the right balance of macronutrients is a proven approach that is customizable depending upon your goals.

If you have tried a menu plan based on someone else's ratios for calorie counting or balancing macros, and it definitely did not work for you, the truth is everyone's weight loss journey is different. Balancing the percentages of macros you consume is proven weight management tool, but never ignore the quality of food you consume each day. Absorbed sugars from carbohydrates are transported throughout the body to cells as a source of energy. Nonetheless, if you load up on junk-food carbohydrates that cause your energy level and appetite to fluctuate wildly, you will find it difficult to reach your weight loss goals

Proteins do a lot of work regulating functions throughout your body and are the building blocks responsible for growth and maintenance of your skin, hair, eyes, nails, organs and muscle tissue. Since your body cannot store protein, it is important to spread your consumption of proteins over breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. The total intake needed varies greatly from one person to the next. According to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition, adults who consumed the most unsaturated fat had a lower body mass index and less belly fat than those who ate the least amount of fat. Fat is also essential to make hormones and keep your fat-burning enzymes working at full tilt.

The ultimate goal of your menu plan is to keep your body properly nourished while providing enough fuel for daily activities. So, make sure you select macronutrient foods that are also micronutrient dense to have an optimal impact on your well-being. Focusing on calories can create false beliefs. It's not healthy or sustainable to eat your balance of carbohydrates as cookies or candy every day. Your body does not use a hundred calories from broccoli the same as it does a hundred calories from candy. The latter will likely be stored as fat. However, if you eat naturally healthy foods as the mainstay of your menu plan, you should lose weight and tone up without obsessing over the numbers.