What Cures a Holiday Hangover?

December 21,2018

Unless you have medical restrictions, there is nothing wrong with consuming alcohol in moderation during the holidays. First, make certain you have a designated driver. If not, plan on "catching a ride" with Uber. Moreover, you should also set goals ahead of time to avoid excessive drinking as well as over-eating while you are filled with the Holiday spirit. After all, the glee you feel this time of year is no excuse for wrecking your weight loss plan or ignoring your health goals.

Since each man and woman has a different tolerance for alcohol, the affects of an after-party hangover also varies. Nonetheless, a hangover can leave you struggling as you wake up in a fuzzy state, feeling irritable and sensitive to light, which is not good for your New Year's Day plans. Since overindulgences can lead to more serious health conditions, watch for blood in stools, extreme exhaustion, or uncontrolled vomiting or diarrhea, as these may require urgent or emergency care.

Tips for Treating Hangover Symptoms

If you wake up with hangover-like symptoms, try these simple tips for temporary relief while waiting it out:

  • Hydrate - Dehydration is one of the main causes of your hangover symptoms. If you plan, you can drink water beforehand as well as between alcoholic beverages. If not, drink plenty of water before bedtime and start a rehydration treatment immediately upon getting up the next day.
  • Eat Healthy - Just as you need to avoid that half-filled plastic cup of beer leftover from the night before, you should ignore the temptation to eat greasy or heavy foods the morning after. Since the diuretic effect of alcohol depletes potassium, start with a banana or kiwi fruit.
  • Replace Electrolytes - Replacing lost sodium also helps your body perform cellular functions to restore wellness. Although any non-alcoholic liquid is helpful for hydration, coconut water contains extra electrolytes. Drinks that contain antioxidants and vitamin C help to neutralize free radicals that affect the liver and will help limit the headaches.
  • Careful with OTC Medications - Although you may feel tempted to reach for a bottle of NSAIDs or other pain relievers, such as ibuprofren or aspirin, these analgesic pain products can cause more grief, especially if last night's indiscretions left your stomach irritated with nausea or diarrhea.

Finally, the last step in Curing a Holiday Hangover is to avoid consuming additional alcohol. Since it takes time for alcohol to clear your body, the only surefire way to get over a hangover is to stop drinking and wait it out. Light exercise is a good antidote because it releases endorphins to counteract the negative feelings of the hangover. If all else fails, turn to your social media and reach out to your friends for a temporary moment of relief. Stay safe, plan ahead, and enjoy the Holiday Season with friends and family.