Protecting Your Wellness at Work

February 19,2016

Every season is flu season though we typically see the flu more often during the winter months, it can crop up at any time and any place. Germs are resilient little vectors of destruction and virus are very good at surviving outside of their host. In this please-stay-home-if-your-are-sick blog, we talk about how to protect yourself from the workplace germ factory.

  1. Practice Good Hand Hygiene - The path that most germs and virus's take to enter your body is from your hands to your mouth or nose. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers work to combat part of the risk you encounter when you use the copy machine, open the restroom door, or answer your phone. Keep a little bottle of it at your desk for use throughout the day. It can be a good idea to read the label so that you make sure you buy one that has a high concentration of alcohol.
  2. Get a Flu Shot - The flu shot is good to help prevent certain types of flu. There is little danger from getting a flu shot as the CDC has said that you cannot get the flu from getting the flu shot. If you want to prevent the hacking and coughing that is the flu talk with your doctor about getting a flu shot each year.
  3. Surface Hygiene - When people cough or forget to wash their hands and then touch your phone, your desk, or sneeze near you, they contaminate your work area with their germs and if they are sick, with their virus. Cleaning your work surfaces is an easy way help keep communicable disease at bay. Use disinfectant wipes and make a habit of wiping down handles to drawers, your keyboard, your phone, and your desk surface.

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