Why All the Buzz about Regenerative Medicine?

May 20,2019

At times, conventional medicine tends to focus on treating a patient's symptoms to provide relief during his or her recovery from an injury or illness. In many cases, this works just fine. You leave the doctor's office, stop by the pharmacy and a few days later your problem has corrected itself, then you stop taking the medication. Unfortunately, this process works better for acute conditions rather than chronic problems, especially where ongoing pain relief is required. Since many facilities are already adopting a multidisciplinary approach using individualized regimens for chronic conditions, regenerative medicine has been a much anticipated treatment option.

Growth factors are molecules that naturally bind to receptors on the surface of a cell. There job is to stimulate cell and tissue function by influencing cell differentiation. By modifying biochemical activity and regulating the rate of proliferation, medical science can affect new cartilage creation, blood vessel growth, and the repair or regeneration of healthy tissue to help a patient's body heal. For many people living with daily pain, opioid medications have become a way of life. Studies have shown that pain is the leading reason that Americans need access to our health care systems. With healthcare providers and patients alike beginning challenged to reduce our reliance on these addictive drugs, degenerative medicine may offer millions new hope.

Stem Cells are a safe and natural option or complement to traditional, functional and therapeutic treatments for joint and muscle pain. Since your body comes equipped with undifferentiated stem cells, these can be influenced medically to turn into different cells as needed by your body. Recent advancements in the field of regenerative medicine have discovered ways to use this same healing ability to help grow new healthy tissue in joints, ligaments and tendons that have been damaged due to age, disease and defects. By following a multidisciplinary approach, many of the risks associated with surgery or long-term medication like infection, extensive down time, post-surgical pain, lowered immunity and drug addiction can be avoided or minimized.

Advances in regenerative medicine are offering game-changing alternatives for reducing pain and improving function for a better quality of life.  If you have been suffering with pain and discomfort from a recurring problem, PrimeMED's board certified physicians and staff have over 35 years experience at delivering a multidisciplinary approach to healing auto accident injuries, sports injuries, degenerative conditions, and difficult to diagnose metabolic disorders. Contact PrimeMED today to schedule an appointment to discuss your options for an individualized treatment regimen with a board-certified physician at our Orange Park, Jacksonville or St. Augustine office.