A Bad Diet Can Lead to Unwanted Bone Loss

November 14,2016

Many people fail to recognize the importance that his or her diet has on their health and wellness. Research studies have shown that overexerting your immune system on a continual basis with a bad diet can lead to muscle wasting, bone loss and increased stored fat. In fact, a life-altering fracture could be in your future if you fail to consume fortifying nutrients like Vitamin D (or calcium), Vitamin K, phosphorous and magnesium. For some, the problem stems from missing meals or replacing healthy food options with nutrient-stripped fast food or processed foods containing large amounts of added sugars and salt. For others, the source of important nutrients is limited due to following a bad or fad diet.

Watch What You Eat

Healthy bones are crucial for everyone at all stages of their life. Whether you're young and active or have reached your senior years, you could be starving your bones without realizing the cause. While bone loss is a natural occurrence after you reach the mid-30s, there are numerous things that you can do to keep your bones healthy. By exercising on a regular basis and eating enough high-quality foods, you can help ensure that your bones stay healthier for years into your future. Taking a multi-vitamin supplement can be helpful but eating lots of fresh vegetables, nuts, seeds and lean proteins can go a long way toward supporting better bone health.

Watch What You Drink

What you choose to drink or not can also play a major role in reducing bone loss. Most medical experts agree that consuming alcohol in moderation is a key for those who choose to drink. But, controlling one's consumption of sugary drinks like sodas is also important. Instead of downing a Big Gulp or extra beer at the bar, take advantage of the opportunity and down a glass of water or natural fruit juice. Both work to keep your bones in good working order. Since certain medications can have a negative impact on bone health, you may want to talk to your doctor about modifying or supplementing your prescriptions.

To make sure your diet and lifestyle are strengthening your body's framework rather than weakening it, schedule an appointment for a thorough examination with a board-certified physician at PrimeMED.